ROUI and SSCC – Simple, Structured, Clear, Concise

From the Web and UX Design Accidental Encyclopedia


What does the user get from his investment in your website? He is making a major investment in you.
He is visiting your site above anybody else’s,
investing his confidence, his attention, his very valuable time and energy and in the end, maybe even his money.
Does your website give him R.O.U.I?

S.S.C.C – Simple, Structured, Clear, Concise

Unless your site is about rocket science for rocket scientists, keep it simple (and even then!)
Keep it structured. Don’t make a site where the content is placed where ever it falls – make it elegantly navigable.
Be clear – don’t ramble, don’t use jargon or legalize.
Omit any text that is not to the point.
Be concise. Enough said.


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